9 Steps You Must Follow To Develop An iOS App

important steps of the iOS App Development

Over the last decade, the app development industry is the most profitable and promising industry for the student’s career. With the increases in the popularity of smartphones, the demand for app development is also increasing. One of the most profitable niches in app development is iOS App Development. You must have seen that the Apple app store’s apps are mostly paid due to which the money factor in this field is more.

Most of the engineers out there are opting for app development’s career option, but they are unknown to one fact. The Apple policies regarding App development is very strict. Their top-notch priority is customer satisfaction and quality, due to which the app submission and making the process of the iOS is very tough. So, let us discuss in detail what the process of iOS App Development is?

iOS App Development: Detailed process

iOS App Development process

The app development for iOS is almost similar to what we normally follow with a little change. The process is as follows:

  • Research and analysis. There are several ideas for app development. If you check the apple store, then only you will find millions of apps floating. You have to choose a particular niche which kind of app you want to develop. You can conduct the research and customer’s feedback to find the app niche that is the most demanded and profitable.
  • App Store guidelines standard check. Later you have to check that the idea you have framed is complying with the app store or not. There is a strict guideline laid by Apple, which you have to go through. If there is an element in the app that is not according to the guideline, you have to make some changes.
  • Concept and wireframing. After that, you have to frame a blueprint of the app and its process. You have to note down every aspect of how you will proceed and complete the app. development process.
  • Designing. After the layout formation, you have to start making the designs of the app. It is one of the most important steps of the iOS App Development as it is the element that attracts the customer towards you. It consists of the user interface and design of the app. The scalability and stability of the app are also ensured in this step.
  • Architecture for the software. Now you have to plan the architecture of the software that goes with the UI and UX properly. The architecture will act as the base of the app that you are about to develop. You have to be very careful while choosing the right architecture as if this step goes wrong; then, there are chances that your iOS App Development project fails miserably.
  • Back end development. The back end is the core of the functionality of the application. The back end of the app consists of all the servers where all the maintenance and development processes occur. Every activity that will happen on the app will be the action of the backend. You have to take a lot of care while proceeding with this process of iOS App Development. 
  • API’s. The API is the structure that forms a link between the back-end and the front-end. To make the app functional, one has to link them with each other so that the working of both the ends is smooth.
  • Front end. The front end development is the final element of the development of the app. The front end is the element with which the customer of the app interacts. All the designs and framings you have made are executed in the front end process. The well-developed front end is the element that will attract the customer toward them and provides them a smooth user experience. After this step, your app is ready.
  • Testing. Testing is the final phase of iOS App Development. After the app is ready, one has to test whether it is functioning well. If there are any issues in the app, then it is resolved in this step. After this step, the app is submitted to the store and published for the users.


All the processes, when executed in a proper orientation, gives a perfect app in the output. Now a developer has two choices either to use different platforms for executing each step or using a platform like Scand where you can perform the whole process under a single roof. It would be best to choose the latter process as it will ease down your iOS App Development process.

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