Guess Which Java Framework Your Favorite Applications Uses?

java framework

Java is a computer language that is used in the framing of websites and applications. James Gosling designed Java on May 23, 1995, which means language is 25 years old. Do you know that the interface you see in your favorite applications is made by Java? Yes, everything you see on your smartphone, it can be a webpage or an application the display that you see is the outcome of Java coding.

A framework always elaborates on the layout of the application. Basically, frameworks are pre-written bodies in which you need to make very little addition to make it yours. The circumstances of using a pre-written framework can vary, being good and bad both; this depends upon how easy it is to use or not. Let us go through some famous Java frameworks of 2020 that different Apps and companies are using:-

Netflix, Amazon, and more: there is a common framework provider for your favorite everyday applications like Netflix, Amazon, Yatra, and eBay. All of them use the Java based Spring framework. Spring network has a core feature that it can be used in the development of any Java application. Various types of modules that spring framework offers are- Spring MVC, Spring Security, spring core, etc.

Following are the uses of Spring framework

Spring - java framework
  1. Features of this framework are used in developing a Java application.
  2. Creating of a web application.

Advantages of using

  1. The framing is of a lightweight container that can quickly come in use without using a web server.
  2. It also reduces the error.
  3. This framework supports both XML and annotation configuration.

IBM, DELL, Accenture: many It companies use different types of Java frameworks to keep their website actively working and creating better communication. One of such Java frameworks of 2020 is Hibernate. Hibernate is widely used by the companies to maintain the object-rational mapping framework; the companies use it to make better communication between a programming language and RDBMS. Working with an object-oriented language, problems like object-relational impedance mismatch, which is also known as Paradigm Mismatch. To overcome this problem, the Hibernate framework is going to be a solution.

Uses of Hibernate framework

Hibernate - java framework
  1. It works as a communicator between objects and rational words.
  2. It has a framework that lets the user to perform the database operation on Java.

  Advantages of using

  1. The framework is highly used in portability, productivity, and maintainability.
  2. It also helps in removing any sort of repetitive code.

Infosys, NexGen Technologies: struts is a framework that is in use by the following companies; strust is one of the enterprise-level frameworks. It comes under the maintenance of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a fully-featured Java framework of 2020 that allows the user to create and develop an easy-to-maintaining Java application. There are various modules such as OpenSymphony and struts one, but the companies prefer to work on Struts 2 as an upgrade version of Apache Struts.

Uses of Struts

Struts - java framework
  1. Used in developing an MVC-based web application.
  2. It extends Java Servlet API to help developers in adopting MVC architecture.

Advantages of using

  1. The framework helps in reducing the development time and also helps in making the manageability easier.
  2. You can integrate and use Struts with other frameworks to perform the work for which Struts is not built for.

Google web toolkit: Google web toolkit is a free java framework that helps the user to develop and create client-side JavaScript. Google wallet, AdSense, and a lot of google products are written using GWT.

    Uses of GWT

GWT - java framework
  1. The framework is completely user-friendly.
  2. Uses Google API
  3. Helps in developing and maintaining tough JavaScript and applications.

     Advantages of using

  1. It includes internationalization, cross-browser portability.
  2. Uses Google APIs, and is also user friendly.

JavaServer Faces

Java framework for Building

Oracle develops this Java framework for Building a user-friendly interface for all applications that are created by using Java coding. It helps in finding the distinction between Application logic and representation.

Uses of JavaServer faces

  1. A UI framework that is Component-based.
  2. A helping aid in Building Native applications in Java.

Advantages of using

  1. It includes some of the best tools and a big library.
  2. It is a part of Java EE.

What are the different uses of using Java frameworks of 2020?

Java framework is used in various things you watch in your smartphone, using a shopping website, a banking application, or any of your OTT platform you are using a Java based application or webpage. Various types of uses of javascript are:-

  • Android Apps- are you having a smartphone? Do you prefer watching any OTT platform on it? Ok, next, do you Play YouTube? Ok, last easy one, do you use google? All of these applications and webpages are developed by using different types of Java frameworks. All your applications are a product and final outcome of a javascript coding. Java frameworks can be common for many applications; only a little difference occurs in some of them. It can be more comfortable as well as tough to use a framework depending upon the way it is scripted.
  • Server and banking applications- various types of banking apps and payment webpages are also developed by using Javascript. Have you noticed the page that displays the payment gateway when you make an online payment? If not, then keep an eye next time you make a payment.
  • Software tools- many of the software development tools are created and maintained in the Java framework. There are many frameworks that offer you to connect two different types of data that may occur as a problem when you try to load it in a simpler format. Various Java tools are also very popular for creating a VFX of a game. Commonly JavaFX is used to create graphics of the game.
  • Scientific application- Java is often being used in various scientific applications also. Many study related applications also use this java framework of 2020. The user get a best interface and also helps the developer to maintain the application at its best.

You are now aware about various types of Java frameworks of 2020 that can be useful for your work. You can choose the best one from the above.

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