Which One Is The Best Programming Language Among The .NET And Java?

.NET vs Java is a very tough task

The selection of the programming language is a very important concept of application development. If the language you choose is not properly functional, you can not expect your application to be perfect. Often, people invest their money in application development, but in return, they get nothing, and the reason behind is the selection of the wrong language.

There are many factors one needs to keep in mind while selecting a programming language. There are two names in the list of languages used by the world’s top businesses and giants. Many people worldwide face the dilemma that out of the .NET vs Java, which language is the best. Which language will best suit their business?

Difference between the Java and.Net

.NET vs Java, which language is the best

In brief, let us discuss the differences between both the language so that you can better decide which language is the best for your application development.

Difference in code

There are various kinds of coding differences that can be seen in .NET vs Java. Some of them are shown below.

  • The application coding done through the Java is very fluid as you can easily run the application on any platform, but the same is not the situation with the .NET. The application developed through this platform can only be used on the windows interface. Other than that, you can not access the .net codes.
  • The JVM helps Java to run their codes on any platform without any changes and problems. If you are a big business and want to launch your business online at different platforms simultaneously, then Java is best for you. You don’t have to worry about different coding. All you need to do is opt the Java on the first and enjoy your applications over various platforms.
  • .Net has only one IDE on the .NET platform known as a visual studio. On the other hand, Java has four different IDE’s. The name of the IDE is Eclipse. Oracle NetBeans, Oracle JDeveloper, and IntelliJ Idea. It increases the efficiency of the codes’ development so that the developers can write up the codes in a much better way.

Performance difference 

After code difference, let us discuss that what are the performance difference between .NET vs Java?

  • Java is influenced by language C and C++ and derives the syntax of the code from these languages. It may lead to a little similarity between the .mnet and Java, but the available facilities on Java are less than the .net. Yes, it provides many developmental facilities to the developers who are using their platform for writing up their codes.
  • Java is an independent platform, but on the other hand, the .net platform is dependent on various other frameworks. It is the main reason behind the working of the ava on various platforms. It increases the performance of the java platform over the .net one.
  • The .net is a simple programming language that is used to write only simpler codes. It makes it user-friendly for those who are making a startup level application or are learning the development. If you are an experienced developer and need a strong and mature platform or development, then Java is the best suited for you. The framework of Java will handle all the code you write up properly without any major issues.
  • The .net supports different typos of checks like the array bound checks and the type checking etc.; this makes the platform more durable for checking and correcting the codes written, which is important for the software’s robustness. On the other hand, Java has only the function of pointing, which surely decreases the application’s fluidity.
  • The community of the Java is continuously evolving due to which the Performace gets better day by day. The support and the guidance team if the java platform is also the best so that whenever you are coding, and you face any issue, you can contact them and get your issues resolved.
  • Java’s speed is sometimes slower than the .net platform, as Java is a multi-function performing platform. This speed lag of Java sometimes impacts its performance on a very large scale.

The final wording

You must have noticed that deciding .NET vs Java is a very tough task. Both of the platforms is having its pros and cons. The benefit of the .net platform is that it is lightweight and good for those who are starting their journey but is limited to only windows. On the other hand, Java is a universal language but is sometimes hard to use for the developers. So, choose wisely according to your requirement.

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